Scientific-production center “ISP” was founded in 1989 for execution of theoretical and applied researches at the branch of fracture mechanics. The main orientation of company’s activity was the development and organization of production of special hydraulic equipment for nonexplosive demolishing without explosion of rocks and building constructions. The whole complex of equipment with high operational characteristics and technical parameters, which confirm to world level, was created from the moment of company foundation.

Manufactured equipment is provided for extraction of natural stone blocks on quarries (Photo 1) and also for partition of lumps of natural stone into blocks with specified dimension (Photo 2) for their further transportation and processing (production of architecture goods, monuments, etc.) or for loading them to stone-processing equipment (cut aggregates, stone-crush machines, etc.).

Another area of application of produced equipment is building industry , where its using helps to solve important and technically difficult problem of nonexplosive demolishing of building constructions and erections. The possibility of choice of crack direction and also the absence of dynamic explosive waves and vibration at demolishing allow to execute the works in the conditions of functioning production without its stop and damage (Photo 3) . The equipment is also applied at carrying out of renewal, rescue works and for demolishing of rock massifs at building.

First company’s orientation for production of special equipment and execution of highly tailored civil works with time was changed and there was chosen the development strategy, supposed for expansion of spectrum of executed civil works, including the development of design documentation.

As a result at presence Scientific–production center “ISP” as a Contractor carries out the big volume of traditional civil works on reconstruction, repair and erection of industrial (Photo 4) and civil (Photo 5) objects. In a number of large building projects SPC “ISP” is as General Contractor (Photo 6) .

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