Competitiveness of Ukrainian companies on world market of industrial production is inseparably linked with the necessity of realization their scale reequipment, what requires the reconstruction of a great deal of production buildings and technical erections. At the same time the volume of works on demolishing of old constructions in the total volume of building works at reconstruction amounts from 25 % to 40 %.

Scientific-production center “ISP” for more than 15 years is engaged in development and manufacture of special hydraulic equipment for nonexplosive demolish of concrete and reinforced-concrete foundations, building structures and erections.

The technology of nonexplosive demolishing with the hydraulic equipment, produced by SPC “ISP” has a number of advantages:

Scientific-production center “ISP” executes all the complex of works for demolition of building constructions, starting from design development (at the same time perspective plans of the Order on further use of released territory after demolition are taken into account) and finishing by removal of building rubbish, formed during demolishing.

In its production practice SPC “ISP” relies on experience of many years of execution of demolition works, among which are:

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